Bathtub Interior Design

Most Popular Paint Colors for Fall 2017

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As a Designer I am always using my hands to show products to my clients. Flipping through fan decks, carpet samples, catalogues; it doesn’t matter my hands are the driving force. For this reason I indulge in a weekly manicure and this week the polish of choice was green: Lovely, bright, Grenadine.

Ironically, the driving force of the style industry, Pantone, also decided that Grenadine is the fall 2017 Color of choice. “How in the world does one paint their home Grenadine and live with it?” I asked myself and I’m hoping you have asked yourself this question. Great for younger children or teens I would not classify this as an adult, sophisticated color. And then I really put some thought into this and found some of these rooms that were so spectacularly done I had to rethink my views. What rooms are you going to paint?




Bathtubs with a difference

Bathtub Interior Design

Designers need inspiration too! Glued to HGTV, Bravo, and Design Magazines we must keep abreast of all the latest and greatest products for our clients. Today, while perusing the Internet I came across this incredible bathtub. Definitely for the shoe lover, and what woman isn’t?, this tub screams Imelda Marcos in every way….Check out this bathtub from SICIS Decorative Art. Would you be the woman who bathes in the shoe?


Ceiling choices

Rather than leave the ceilings white, designers often choose to paint them. The old rule of thumb that white ceilings make a room feel brighter and larger doesn’t always hold true; just have the paint store mix paint for the ceiling which is 50 percent lighter than the wall color. Once applied to the ceiling, the walls and ceiling will feel cohesive rather than dark and cavernous.

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