Ultra Violet…2018’s Color of the Year!

On some occasions, history can be fascinating but when combined with Interior Design, it is just over the top exciting. In a recent interview, Kassia St. Clair, design journalist and author of the book “The Secret Lives of Color,” discusses the political history of the color: Ultra Violet 2018’s Color of the Year!

In a poignant moment in history, sexual allegations are rampant, women are fighting to maintain their rights and the world just seems to be ready to explode. In response to these events, Pantone hits the mark with UltraViolet. Ok, so who is Pantone?  They are the Institute dictating what’s trending in fashion by declaring a certain color “Color of the Year.”

St Clair proceeds to educate us stating that the very first kind of feminist flag was in Britain with the suffragette movement. The movement actually contained three colors, one of which was purple, the other two were green and white. Various other shades of purple have also been associated with protest movements and the fight for rights for minority groups. If we look at our flag, it is the blending of the red and the blue, the Republican and the Democrats colors. Hopefully, UltraViolet will be providing us with a more unified message, rather than the divisive politics. It is a symbol of hope in its greatest form.So how do we integrate this shade?

Fabrics are readily available so consider changing out the fabric on your dining chairsPaint the walls Honest Blue from Sherwin Williams and consider an accent wall in a wallpaper by JF Fabrics Urbanscape 2202 65W7651.
This allows for additional colors to soften or exaggerate the look depending on your taste.          Changing your space should be fun…take a chance and enjoy the outcome.

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