aquarius style

Hello All! We hope you are enjoying these tips and tidbits with a fun trip around the sky. We are about Well-Design, because your wellness matters. When cleaning around the house, we recommend utilizing essential oils. Imagine pleasant smells, calming fragrances, and chemicals that can be eaten and are non-toxic? We carry these and CBD Oils. We have classes on how to use these oils and how they can help your pets. We help you design for your senses by using touch, audio, sight, smell and taste. We understand that nutrition and organic foods are important, as they help you to improve your mood by focusing on what you eat. When it comes to mindfulness, we have the experts and the knowledge. The articles we write are from the heart because we are family. We hope you are enjoying our newsletter with the new feature: Design for Your Sign, where Haley Comet of Haley Comet Astrology provides you with astrological updates and some great new product ideas. This month, we’re looking at Aquarius style, and what innovative styles these trendsetters are drawn to. 

Aquarius, the Water Bearer. An Eccentric, Idealistic Air Sign.

Aquarius season initiates this month, and those born under this star sign are the innovators, the rebels, the trendsetters! They are continually pushing the envelope of trends and styles, determined to add their own unique fingerprint on whatever they touch. This is the sign that rules the future, so they love to challenge.

Aquarius’ traditional ruler is Saturn, the planet of rules, restrictions, and discipline and their modern ruler is Uranus, the planet of eccentricity and innovation. This may seem like a juxtaposition but hey, Aquarius IS a juxtaposition. They are simultaneously dedicated to being part of a group of like-minded individuals, yet also want to stand out. They are open-minded, yet stubborn when their mind is set up. They champion human rights, but can be detached from their interpersonal connections. One thing is for sure – when you’re around an Aquarius, you never know EXACTLY what you’re going to get!

Aquarius interior design will be just as off-the-wall and funky as they are.  Expect fun statement pieces, like the hand chair below, that infuse their unique personality into the space. They’ll love living spaces like the photo below with a view – as an idealistic air sign, they love to have beautiful sights so they can look out the window and dream up innovative, creative new ideas!

Expect quirky mixtures of textures and colors. Aquarius will embrace whatever is unique – so they’ll love being drawn to interesting color pops and fascinating textures. They want their environment to be as nuanced and interesting as they are!

Aquarius will love some sleek lighting fixture in their space, that are as future-forward as they are.

aquarius style

Aquarius season this year is January 19 – February 18, 2021. Let this season inspire you to let your freak flag fly and embrace yourself, for all of your quirks and weirdness!

Aquarius, we adore you for your championship of humanitarian values, your sharp intelligence and the fascinating way you see this world. May this upcoming trip around the sun bring even more innovation your way!