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Cancer, the Crabs. A Nurturing, Shrewd Water Sign.

It’s Cancer season, which coincides with the initiation of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Cancer is the sign of home, family and emotions. These individuals are the archetypal “mothers” in the zodiac, meant to represent their innate nurturing ability, compassion, and generosity. They have a gift of being able to take care of things, whether it’s plants, animals, or people. Cancers love to pour all of the love within their hearts into what they care about.  

Cancer is ruled the moon, the quickest celestial body from the Earth’s vantage point. As the moon is continually waxing and waning, changeable and responding, Cancers are just as responsive. Their energetic and emotional antennae are constantly soaking up their environments and reacting accordingly.  This makes them extraordinarily intuitive and emotionally intelligent, in processing their emotions and nurturing others’ emotions as they arise.

This responsiveness and sensitivity can earn Cancer the reputation of being “moody.” Those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer simply deeply and respond to the stimuli around them…whether it’s said or felt! Don’t let their softness fool you – these individuals can be quite shrewd and intelligent! Like their emblem the crab, they move side to side in the pursuit of what they want, bobbing and weaving to the situation at hand, strategically working their way towards what they intend to accomplish.

Cancer Interior Design

cancer interior design

Since Cancer rules the home, these individuals tend to be homebodies. Thus, it is of critical importance that their home environment is a true sanctuary to energetically reset, replenish their energy and rejuvenate.  This is a security-craving, comfort-oriented sign, so they’ll be drawn to environments that soothe their emotions.

cancer interior design

As a water sign, Cancer interior design will favor homes with nautical designs, oceanic hues of blue and soft textures. Since they are ruled by the moon, they will love any lunar-inspired art, like this artwork from John-Richard

cancer interior design

Cancer Season this year is June 20-July 20, 2021. Let the new season inspire you to make some new changes within your world, to make your home as comforting and as relaxing as possible, to emotionally nurture yourself and others. 

Cancers, we love you for your caring nature, your gentleness, and your ability to make every environment feel homey and compassionate.