Bedroom design is taking some exciting turns in 2018, and there are some hot trends you won’t want to miss. If you’ve been considering making a change, this might be the year to make your move. You’ve got everything from the fun and whimsical to modern practicality that makes updates easy.

The Best Mattress Ever

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly new, but today, mattress companies are making luxurious sleep a lifestyle. Let’s look at Savoir Beds. A bed “tailor made to any size or shape that can stand alone or sport a bespoke headboard”.  Crafted from natural materials with a multitude of options specifically for the user, this is truly bedroom luxury. And now for the best part—A Mattress Company that will actually send someone to turn it for you . Now this is a hot trend worth considering.

Pendant Lights

We’ve seen pendant lights in the kitchen and bathroom for years, but they’re making a come back in the bedroom. Pendant lights add depth, catch the eye, and draw attention to whatever they illuminate. If you really want to stick on trend, consider a pendant light with a metallic finish like copper or gold.

Unique Nightstands

Nightstands that match your bed and dresser are falling out of popularity. Many people are looking to add their own personality, and a nightstand can be an easy way to bring in something a little funky without taking away from the sophistication of the room. Everything from metal folding chairs to matching metal garden tables are appearing at the bedside. You can even go with something luxurious like gold if you want to go high end. Just think about the feel you want–casual, luxurious, whimsical–and find a nightstand that brings that look to the room.

Taking White in New Directions

Classic white never seems to go out of style, but in 2018 it is taking some new turns. White comes in many shades, and 2018 is the year to mix and match. A bright white can pop when surrounded by off-white or beige. Mixing shades builds depth while creating a cohesive color scheme. If white is your color, another trend that’s taking off is using white as a background for bright artwork. Think a brightly colored painting that takes up an entire wall of a white bedroom. It becomes statement piece and can let the rest of the room stay simple and practical.