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We hope you are enjoying our newsletter with the new feature: Design for Your Sign, where Haley Comet of Haley Comet Astrology provides you with astrological updates and some great new product ideas. This month, get ready to shine your light, as we’re moving into the bright, sunny energy of Leo and discussing Leo Interior Design.

Leo, the Lion. A Generous, Creative Fire Sign.

This is the time of year to let your light SHINE, as the Sun is moving into the sign it rules – bright, optimistic Leo! Leo is the sign associated with self-expression and creativity, so what a brilliant time to look around your home and consider whether or not it truly radiates your unique glow. If it doesn’t reflect your own inner radiance and creativity, consider reaching out to LGC Interior Design.

Leo is ruled by the sun, which is the center of our universe, so by extension, Leos can get a wrap for being a tad bit self-centered. And yes, this sign does elevate self-love to an art form, but they aren’t selfish with their glow – they’ll hype you up just as much as they hype themselves up!

Sun in astrology governs ego, identity, and self-expression. For Leos, it is easy and natural to express oneself, through whichever method appeals to them. Some Leos apply their creative sunbeams through photography, interior design, fashion, music, or poetry. Regardless of the medium the lions select, you can be sure that Leo’s creations will be heartfelt and authentic. Like the sun provides light for our planet, Leos provide inspiration, motivation, and new ideas, making them natural leaders.

Leo Interior Design

leo interior design

Leos are fun-loving, compassionate beings who thrive in living environments that are as colorful and playful as they are. Their associated symbol is the lion, which symbolizes their pride and their royal-like way of carrying themselves. Like the lion, they are fiercely loyal. These kings and queens of the jungle will love this vibrant cat artwork!

leo interior design

In their homes, they’ll love creative touches that make their living space feel as creative as they are. These sun-ruled natives may be drawn to bright, sunny colors, such as orange, yellow, and warm ambers. Leos will appreciate a living space that has windows to let the sunshine in and artwork that echoes their creative spirits, like the below statement piece.

Leo Interior Design

Leo Season this year is July 22-August 22, 2021. Let the new season inspire you to be proud of your home, to let your design reflect the bright, radiant soul of who you are!

Leos, we love you for your generosity, your sunny disposition, and the warm way you interact with others. This season, we celebrate you!