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Libra, the Scales. A beautiful, charismatic air sign.

Libra season initiates fall in the Northern Hemisphere, spring in the Southern Hemisphere, with all of the romance and charm those seasons bring. Very appropriate for those born under this charismatic star sign!

Libra is the sign of “other,” – so these folks tend to be enormously emotionally intelligent, tuned in to the needs of those around them. This sign typically prefers being in relationships rather than being single, as they recognize the power of “we” can be stronger than the individual power of just one person. Plus, they are the true romantics of the zodiac, with a tendency to flirt as frequently as they breathe and idealize the people in their lives. However, when committed, they are deeply loyal.

Libra is symbolized by the scales, which is an archetype meant to reflect their desire for balance and justice in their environments. What are relationships if not a balance – between your needs and someone else’s? This makes Libra excellent peacekeepers and compromisers, as they always strive for a balanced, just solution. As a logical air sign, they are gifted at being able to detach themselves from the situation to give an objective opinion. However, this ability to consider two options or points of view can make them quite indecisive as well – forever weighing out two options, unable to decide!

Libra Interior Design

libra interior design

Libras are drawn to aesthetically pleasing, beautiful environments, like this classy, feminine decor!

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, these natives have exceptional taste. They can’t help but want to elevate every experience in their life, to make it more romantic, beautiful, and pleasurable. Aesthetics are of the utmost importance to this beauty-seeking sign.

libra interior design

As the sign of relationships, Libra interior design must feature a beautiful area to entertain their many guests!

In their homes, Libra’s interior design will feature romantic colors, rich fabrics, and artsy details. As a communicative air sign, they’ll enjoy having dedicated space to entertain friends and family.

libra interior design

Libra is governed by the scales, so they’ll be drawn to balanced, symmetrical styles

Libra Season this year is September 22-October 22, 2021. Let the new season inspire you to beautify your interior design, find balance in your world and nurture the relationships in your life.
Libras, we adore you for your charisma, your kind heart, and your desire to support those around you. Enjoy your season!