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Hello All! We hope you are enjoying these tips and tidbits with a fun trip around the sky. We are about Well-Design, because your wellness matters. When cleaning around the house, we recommend utilizing essential oils. Imagine pleasant smells, calming fragrances and chemicals that can be eaten and are non-toxic? We carry these and CBD Oils. We have classes on how to use these oils and how they can help your pets. We help you design for your senses by using touch, audio, sight, smell and taste. We understand that nutrition and organic foods are important, as they help you to improve your mood by focusing on what you eat. When it comes to mindfulness, we have the experts and the knowledge.The articles we write are from the heart, because we are family. We hope you are enjoying our newsletter with the new feature: Design for Your Sign, where Haley Comet of Haley Comet Astrology provides you with astrological updates and some great new product ideas. This month, we’re discussing Libra style. So light a delicious-smelling candle and relax, because this is for the beauty-seeking sign of Libra.

Libra, The Scales. A Charismatic, Peacemaker Air Sign.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony. With their Venusian sensibilities, these individuals are charming and sociable. Librans have a true desire for beauty and relish being surrounded by aesthetically pleasing people, scenery and interior design.

Since these natives are ruled by the scales, they truly desire balance in life. It can make Libra a bit indecisive whenever they consider one point of view. Their natural desire is always to consider both points of view. It gives Libras a natural sense of fairness and justice, since they are always seeking to consider both sides with logic. They are gifted intermediaries and peacemakers as a result!

Libra season is September 22 – October 23, 2020. Let this season inspire you to cultivate beauty in your daily reality, to spend time with your loved ones and to create harmony in your life.

Design For Your Sign: Libra Style

libra style

Libras crave beauty and harmony in their surroundings. Nothing should ever be out of place. There is order and all things should follow suit. Imagine your coffee pot hidden from view and then you tap on the countertop and voila: Here comes your coffee pot or favorite appliance.

libra style

You love your slow cooker, stand mixer, and bread maker, but they are challenging to store, and you want them handy without taking up counter space. We design cabinetry around your storage needs and can create a space just for the appliances you want handy but out of the way.

Libras crave balance in all things. If a fireplace mantle has two tall candlesticks on the left and a lamp on the right, it is asymmetrical. Some signs may look this look, but Librans will find this look lopsided and not balanced. For Libra style, it’s important to integrate symmetrical lines where all things are the same left to right.

And what would an entire room that is true to Libra style look like? The room would feature clean lines, beautiful decor, neutral colors and everything in order. Organization and balance is key to a Libra’s sensibilities. As shown in the photos, there are high ceilings, neutral colors, symmetrical balance and a stunning Libran aesthetic. There’s also plenty of space around the table and on the couches for Libras to entertain their many friends and family members, since their sign rules relationships!

Neutrals paired with metallic is the perfect marriage of the Libra style love for Venusian glamour and their desire for balanced colors. 

Libras, we adore you for your beautiful eye, your desire to keep the peace and your interpersonal skills! Thank you for being the harmonizer and peacemaker of the zodiac. You inspire us all to seek more harmony and beauty in our daily reality.

May this upcoming trip around the sun bring even more peace, love and connection your way!