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Scorpio, The Scorpion. A Secretive, Passionate Water Sign.

Welcome to the season of the scorpion! This is our yearly dive into the abysses of intensity, where we illuminate what is our lives are hidden, repressed, or feared. That’s why the individuals born under this sign are so intense – they are the deep-sea divers of the zodiac, the people who ask the questions that others avoid, the individuals who are able to move through intense emotions and come out the other side stronger and more resilient.

Scorpios are a shrewd, intuitive sign. As a water sign, they exhibit a high degree of emotional intelligence, able to pick up on the said and unsaid cues of those around them. The archetype of Scorpio is associated with the phoenix, as they encapsulate the energy of resilience and rebirth. These individuals are incredibly strong, able to constantly rebirth themselves into a more powerful version of themselves.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, assertion, and energy. This planet indicates their enormous amounts of commitment – they are not grey area sort of individuals. They are either IN or OUT, passionate and dedicated in all that they undertake. As a fixed sign, they do not waver or flip-flop. This level of commitment makes them a loyal lover and friend to have in your life.

Scorpio Interior Design

PJ Velvet Pillow

PJ Velvet Pillow

Scorpio interior design will be as intense and magnetic as they are, like these PJ Velvet Pillows. They’ll want their interior design surroundings to exude the power and intensity they do, so they may be drawn to deep crimson, romantic maroons, deep blues, and powerful accent pieces. This Atlantis mirror in a blue iron frame will appeal to the Scorpio’s water sign aesthetics.

Atlantis Mirror in a blue iron frame (Moe’s Home Collection)

Scorpio is the sign associated with transformation and rebirth. Our homes are a powerful reflection of who we are, and if you’re craving a change, why not begin with the surroundings you see each and every day? In the seemingly simple act of changing your home decor, you are inviting in the winds of change into your life. If you’ve felt stagnant, Scorpio season is the perfect time to dedicate to your transformation. Scorpio is associated with the phoenix – the act of rebirthing ourselves into something even more powerful.

Scorpio interior design will feature accent pieces such as this stunning piece from Jessica Charles. This phoenix-like sign will appreciate the burnt orange hue!

scorpio interior design

Jessica Charles

Scorpio Season this year is October 23 – November 23, 2021. Let this season inspire you to deep dig to unearth your inner passions and to honor your resilience.

Scorpio, we adore you for your desire to dig deep into life, your magnetic aura, and your loyalty to what you care about. May this upcoming trip around the sun bring even more intensity, dedication, and transformation your way!