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Hello All! We hope you are enjoying these tips and tidbits with a fun trip around the sky. We are about Well-Design, because your wellness matters. When cleaning around the house, we recommend utilizing essential oils. Imagine pleasant smells, calming fragrances, and chemicals that can be eaten and are non-toxic? We carry these and CBD Oils. We have classes on how to use these oils and how they can help your pets. We help you design for your senses by using touch, audio, sight, smell, and taste. We understand that nutrition and organic foods are important, as they help you to improve your mood by focusing on what you eat. When it comes to mindfulness, we have the experts and knowledge. The articles we write are from the heart because we are family. We hope you are enjoying our newsletter with the new feature: Design for Your Sign, where Haley Comet of Haley Comet Astrology provides you with astrological updates and some great new product ideas. This month, we’re discussing Scorpio style. Get ready to plunge into the intensity of this POWERFUL sign and the transformative energy it carries. 

Scorpio, The Scorpion. An Intense, Powerful Water Sign.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which is the planet of action, assertion, and energy. These individuals are powerful – drawn to extremes in all things. They are not lukewarm individuals, exuding an aura of dedication and intensity in all they undertake. Their passion and loyalty is unwavering. With their Mars sensibilities, they like their surroundings to be as intense and magnetic as they are.  They’ll want their interior design surroundings to exude the power and intensity they do, so they may be drawn to deep crimson, romantic maroons, and powerful accent pieces.

Scorpio is the sign associated with transformation and rebirth. Our homes are a powerful reflection of who we are, and if you’re craving a change, why not begin with the surroundings you see each and every day? In just switching things around, we invite change into our lives. Scorpio is associated with the phoenix – the act of rebirthing ourselves into something even more powerful.

Design for your Sign: Scorpio Style

scorpio style

Scorpios will love this warm, rich bathroom!

As a water sign, Scorpio style starts with the bathrooms! The rich colors of mahogany, cream, and mocha in this gorgeous restroom inspire their intense nature. The patterned tile helps to visually break up the wall to make it more nuanced and layered, just like this mysterious water sign.

scorpio style

This kitchen is sleek and alluring, just like the Scorpions of the zodiac

The mysterious aura of Scorpio is drawn to aesthetics that convey depth and class. They’ll love this sophisticated, sleek kitchen!

scorpio style

Romance meets depth: this color palate is perfect for the Scorpios in your life!

Since Scorpio is ruled by Mars, infusing pops of red and burgundy into the living room will speak to their passionate, romantic nature. The room is made complete with a quote upon the fireplace mantle, which Scorpio will adore because of their deep-feeling natures!

Scorpios are energized by transformation! LGC Interior Design can take a Traditional Style piece from Theodore Alexander like this one:

…and evolve it into a Sideboard suitable for your inner Scorpio:

scorpio style

Photo Courtesy of Bees Knees Interior Design

Scorpio Season is October 22 – November 21, 2020. Let this season inspire you to deep dig to unearth your inner passions and to honor your resilience. To our Scorpios, we adore you for your desire to dig deep into life, your magnetic aura, and your loyalty to what you care about.

May this upcoming trip around the sun bring even more intensity, dedication, and transformation your way!