LGC Interior Design Services

Whether it’s a residential or commercial makeover, LGC Interior Design will work with you to design and furnish your space. Our living rooms, kitchens, baths, children’s rooms and entire home makeovers have been featured in the most prestigious publications. Before your first change is made, LGC will conduct a full assessment of what is needed: from the review of plans to a color consultation, we help you to select from the endless choices of accessory partners.

Are you a Residential and/or Commercial seller? Our staging services will get your real estate offers moving in your favor and have helped to achieve great returns with a small investment.LGC Interior Design is your full-service, award-winning, Interior Design Firm ready to create spaces that exceed your expectations.

Full Service

We are a Full Service Interior Design Company servicing both residential and commercial interiors. Design for a single room, a complete floor, or an entire home.

Color Consultation

Sometimes you just need help selecting the perfect shade. From one room to the entire space, we help select just the right color for your windows, wall, trims, floor and everything in between.