Hello All! We hope you are enjoying these tips and tidbits with a fun trip around the sky. In Design for Your Sign, Haley Comet of Haley Comet Astrology provides you with astrological updates and some great new product ideas. This month, we’re exploring Taurus interior design.

Taurus, the Bull. A Sensual, Practical Earth Sign.

Happy birthday to the sensual Taurus of the zodiac! Those born under the sign of Taurus are the foodies, the aesthete, and the artists of the zodiac. Taureans are very strongly connected to their physical body and physical experience.  They are relatively a simple sign. They just want money in the bank, a delicious meal in their tummy, a fine glass of wine in their hand, and a beautiful environment around them to be happy.  This practical earth sign is hard-working, as they will work to enjoy the finer things in life. While they love beauty, art, and pleasure, this sign isn’t materialistic. You can also count on the bull in your life to be a loyal friend, a grounded shoulder to lean on, and a dependable partner.

Taurus Interior Design

taurus interior design

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, luxury, and art. As a Venus-ruled sign, these individuals have INCREDIBLE taste. They will want to be surrounded by beauty in their every environment. Dirty, cluttered, or drab space will drain their energy. They’ll feel enlivened when they have beautiful furniture to relax upon and beautiful art to gaze upon. Because Taurus knows how important our surroundings are to our overall well-being.

Taurus interior design will be as luxurious and beautiful as they are. As an Earth sign, they’ll feel at home when surrounded by classy neutrals and earth tones, such as greens, creams, and browns. Since this sign lives their life through their senses, they will want their living space to appeal to their senses, filled with silk sheets, fuzzy blankets, and smooth couches. As an Earth sign, they may particularly enjoy nature scenery artwork or windows that allow them to gaze out at trees or the ocean.

taurus interior design

As the sign of food, Taurus takes their kitchen area VERY seriously! They’ll love this dish organizer to ensure they can elevate their meals to an art form.

taurus interior design

Taurus Season this year is April 19 – May 19, 2021. Let this season inspire you to anchor down into your physical body and to indulge in how lovely it is to be a human being. Taurus energy is all about beauty in your physical surroundings, so what better time to redesign your home? Reach out to LGC Interior Design to discuss your home improvement project, if you are interested in beautifying your home.

Taurus, we love you for your amazing taste, your ability to infuse beauty into every environment and experience, and your grounded sensibility. May this upcoming trip around the sun bring even more luxury and pleasure your way!