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Virgo, the Virgin. A Detail-Oriented, Grounded Earth Sign.

Leo season is the party of the zodiac, and Virgo season comes right afterward as it’s the cleanup. Someone’s gotta take down the streamers and vacuum the crumbs! Virgo season is about attending to the details of our life, attending to our chores, errands, and routines that support our world. It can’t be a celebration all of the time – Virgo season is about looking at our lives through the small details of our world. Let’s explore Virgo Interior Design.

As a result, those born under this sign are extremely detail-oriented. Virgos are here to break down the big picture into the little details. This makes them gifted editors and critics, though they can sometimes be a bit neurotic at times. These perfectionists have high standards and seeking perfection in a flawed world, which can create some nervousness.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, thought process, and intellect. This makes them gifted communicators, writers and speakers. Like their ruler Mercury, they are quick-witted, intelligent, and gifted with organization.  As the sign that governs day-to-day, Virgos typically love to have a routine, as repetition can quell their neurosis. Many Virgos have a natural mind-body connection, making natural healers and nutritionists.

Virgo Interior Design

virgo interior design

The organized Virgo will love this bar cart and storage from Century

Their associated symbol is the virgin, which symbolizes their desire for purity and perfection. Virgos, inspire us all to raise our standards, to attune our focus to the small details of our daily realities, and to seek excellence when possible.

In their homes, Virgos will adore sleek, minimalist designs If there is one thing that Virgos detest on this planet, it’s clutter, so they’ll love returning to an environment that is calming and clean.

As a grounded Earth sign, Virgos may particularly enjoy earth tones, neutrals, and whites, so they can ensure that their environment is as sparkly clean as they like it to be.

virgo interior design

Virgos will thrive in an environment will neutrals that soothe the eye and the nervous system.

Virgo Season this year is August 22-September 22, 2021. Let the new season inspire you to handle the small but necessary tasks around the home, to let go of the clutter that clogs your space and mind, and to elevate your standards for your home!

Virgos, we love you for your helpfulness, your analytical nature, and the way you inspire us all to improve our existences, through the minutiae.