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Imagine integrating Healthy Living with Well Design? How do we do this? We have a vast knowledge of essential oils and CBD Oils, and we teach about how to design for your senses. We have certificates in nutrition and how foods affect your mood. The importance of color and how lighting changes what you see. The articles we provide are all from the human perspective and most times are personal. And of course we now have, Design for Your Sign, where Haley Comet of Haley Comet Astrology we will provide you with an astrological update and some great new product ideas. This month, we’re discussing Virgo style. So put on your thinking cap and dive in for a detailed analysis because this is for Virgo…

Virgo The Virgin. A Grounded, Discerning Earth Sign.

Virgos are kind, compassionate and giving individuals. They are selfless and tend to dedicate their lives to service and the quest for excellence. Virgo is the sign associated with perfectionism, as they have high standards and an impressive attention to detail. The Virgo mind is one that zeroes in on any and all flaws – they can’t help but aim to improve themselves and the world around them! Virgo rules health, service and efficiency, so they tend to be clean, healthy and busy.

Virgo season this year will take place from August 23 – September 22, 2020. After the party of Leo season, Virgo season brings our attention back to the maintenance that life requires.Virgo energy supports you in focusing on the details of your life, constructing a healthy daily routine and getting your to-do list taken care of. During this time of cleaning up your body, mind and home, consider consulting with an interior designer to make sure your home is the sanctuary that will promote efficiency and productivity in your life!

Design For Your Sign: Virgo Style

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, so they have busy, intelligent minds that focus on details. They can get overwhelmed by too much stimuli to take in, so Virgos are drawn to clean, minimalist and modern styles. These sleek looks will help their busy minds focus on the many tasks they put on their plates. With their often perfectionist sensibilities, having earth tones and calming settings quells their nerves.

virgo style    Imagine relaxing in this Living Room or leaving guests to wash up in this powder room sink?

virgo style

If you are a Virgo I’m betting this chair is begging you to relax.

virgo style

Happy birthday Virgo! We adore you for your attention to detail and your selfless desire to help others. Thank you for keeping us grounded and keeping us on task.

May this upcoming trip around the sun bring even more health, efficiency and selflessness!